Precision & Reliability

YUNG LUN not merely pursues product accuracy, but also process reliability.

The Company


YUNG LUN Industrial Co., Ltd. has concentrated all of its efforts into a customer-driven service provider of precise CNC manufacturing for the quality-demanding customers from all over the world for more than 20 years. Thanks to the foresighted leadership of the Top management and the unremitting efforts of all the co-workers in the company, the growth of YUNG LUN in the industry of CNC precise machining has been going up rapidly with a giant leap during these years.

YUNG LUN Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997, specializing in CNC precise machining for customized, complex, and precision-demanding parts since the very beginning. Our customers are mainly from the industries of high-precision optical products, and high-end bicycle, moreover, we have  successfully entered the industries of parts for automotive shock absorber and medeical surgical instruments, which are not only precision-demanding, but also safety-demanding in recent years.  With unremitting efforts we have been approved as a satisfactory service provider by most of the customers for many years.  

Due to our concentration on constantly improving the processing techniques and the foresight of the top management for investing great budget in importing more advanced CNC precise machinery and high precision measuring equipment to produce and monitor high quality parts, many of the most sophisticated manufacturing firms in the world turn to us when they require services of machining works for their critical parts. What they need is a partner who can provide them services of CNC precise manufacturing with stability and reliability for long term, and they choose YUNG LUN as their reliable partner.