Precision & Reliability

YUNG LUN not merely pursues product accuracy, but also process reliability.

Core Competence

YUNG LUN CNC precision machining is capable of providing superior quality services of precise CNC machining and other secondary operations owing to our sufficient productivity scale, outstanding processing techniques, and innovative ability. We can provide the most practical and efficient CNC processing solutions to help our customers become more profitable and productive.

There are 7 important areas in which we can offer our customers key advantages:
  • We have more than enough manpower of skillful CNC machinists equipped with over 160 sets of high performance CNC machinery to offer our customers sufficient and superior productivity.
  • We provide customers the most efficient and practical CNC precise machining solutions for processing their complex parts under strict spec. requirements.
  • We have the outstanding capability of handling a rapid prototyping work for customer’s new projects whichis a very positive and important factor for a successful mass production.
  • Our engineering team uses the latest CAD/CAM technology which enable us to compose a high-efficient programming for machining the precise parts on CNC and also for making the efficient fixtures, tooling to fulfill the critical processing work.
  • Our skillful CNC machinists are experienced and capable to working with tight tolerances. They can well control all the critical dimensions of the parts during machining to meet criteria of the drawing even after surface treatment.
  • Our entire personnel have been sternly trained and requested to follow the company's quality assurance system thoroughly to ensure that all the quality requirements stated on customers' drawings are completely complied with.
  • YUNG LUN has successfully integrated our supply-chain and contractors to become a united, full functional and high performance YUNG LUN Processing Army. Our suppliers always comply with any high quality level requirement for customer’s specific components.

Among our outstanding supply-chain partners, we have a close ally for dealing with special and critical surface treatments - the Techplasma Technology Co., Ltd. They are very professional with the process of Hard Anodizing (Hard Anodic Coating) and other high tech surface treatments. All of their technology and solutions are transferred from a leading company in Europe – the AHC Oberflächentechnik GmbH in Germany, which has more than 40 years of experience in the field of special surface treatment. All of the processes comply with RoHS requirement.

Please visit their website for more information.
Techplasma Technology Co., Ltd.