Precision & Reliability

YUNG LUN not merely pursues product accuracy, but also process reliability.


YUNG LUN CNC precision machining is committed to constantly enhance our processing techniques and services to meet various demands of customers and gain the greatest satisfaction from them.

We have been concentrating on offering outstanding services, quality products at competitive prices to satisfy our customers at the highest grade for about two decades. Through partnerships built on trust and integrity, we are devoted to being responsive to the ever-changing demands of the future and the betterment of our customers, our suppliers, and ourselves.

YUNG LUN CNC precision machining values every customer as our long term partner, therefore, we are always responsive to every customers’ requirements for CNC precise machining. We do the best to make each cooperation with our customers to be a successful and wonderful experience through our great enthusiasm for satisfying the needs requested by customers.

Our missions:

  • YUNG LUN will keep working on enhancing our CNC precision processing techniques and services to meet customer’s multiple requirements for precision, quality and reliability.
  • YUNG LUN will keep working on providing customers the best CNC precision processing solution.
  • YUNG LUN will keep working on assisting customers to be miles ahead of their competitors.
  • YUNG LUN will keep working on gaining the greatest satisfaction of our customers.