Precision & Reliability

YUNG LUN not merely pursues product accuracy, but also process reliability.


YUNG LUN CNC precision machining has dedicated itself for years to satisfying customer’s strict requirements, no matter how complicated and how difficult their demands are. Due to our good job, we have earned the high trust and approval from our customers. These precision-demanding manufacturing firms will come to us without any hesitancy when they require reliable services of high precision CNC machining and related processings for their complex parts.

Our major services :

  • YUNG LUN CNC precision machining offers rapid prototyping work to assist our customers in verifying the feasibility of their design to ensure the result of the series production to be successful.
  • YUNG LUN CNC precision machining provides services of high performance and high precision CNC processing work and multiple-processing, including Multi-Axis turning, milling, drilling, boring, tapping, cutting, grinding.
  • YUNG LUN CNC precision machining offers services for all kinds of excellent surface treatment, in house or by outsourced manufacturing, such as Ceramic Polishing ( in house ), Sandblasting (in house ), Laser Engraving ( in house ), Painting, Electroplating, Anodizing (outsourcing), etc.
  • We handle packing and shipping process for the parts to be delivered under an efficient management for ensuring the parts arrived at customer’s site in perfectt condition.
  • We will be caring and tracing for the customer’s satisfaction about the products and our services after shipments effected.
  • We will be enthusiastically responsive to any need and requirement of customers for inquiry, processing solution, project progress, quality issues and delivery.